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WISE RECEIVES 2021 Clutch Leader Award as Ukraine’s Top Development Company
Online engagement largely differs from the physical experience of walking into a store and browsing for products one might like. Digital shopping demands more requisites in order to hold the attention of a potential customer. In place of ambiance and personal service, perceptive design and user-friendly functionalities could effectively convert any casual visitor to a buying patron.
MoBiz and Wise partnership - more benefits for our European clients
At the beginning of the summer we made a significant step towards providing our clients with the best services by developing online-solutions. Wise has entered a partnership agreement with MoBiz - an Austrian digital agency focussing on digital solutions, marketing and consulting in Web, eCommerce, and Apps. This partnership allows both Wise and MoBizs to give a more comprehensive range of business digitisation services for their clients.
How to sell products by subscription
Nowadays, attracting new users is becoming more and more expensive. It’s not unusual for the cost of gaining a new customer to be higher than the profit from their first order. It would be great to secure a way of receiving more than one order from a new customer. Selling by subscription model is one of the possible ways to achieve this, and I want to point out that it is a great way! Do you need proof? Because I have it...
#10YearsChallenge – A Tribute to Drupal
Catching up with the current global trend, let’s talk about the Drupal framework which evolution during the last 10 years significantly changed the lives of many people, including its creators Dries Buytaert and Hans Snijder.
Is now the time to consider a PWA for your Magento website?
Often enough, mobile devices now account for 40-70% of all online traffic. Yet, users still have significantly lower conversion rates for mobile devices. There are two main factors that lead to low conversion rates are website convenience in terms of user interaction and performance which means load times of web content on your mobile device. Quite a new technology PWA is increasingly common in discussion of possible solutions for improving a website load time, along with more powerful servers, caching systems and clouds.
LiqPay extension for Magento2
Free Magento 2 extension for processing card payment by LiqPay payment gateway. LiqPay is payment gateway that processes cards payments (Visa, MasterCard), payments by cash and even Bitcoin, very popular in Eastern Europe and Russia.

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