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Magento 2: What Is Available From The Box

Hi everyone!

Today I want to discuss with you one very important thing on modern market. Influence of this thing is crucial nowadays for both B2B and B2C markets. I want to talk a little about e-commerce, about its trends and effective solution to be on the peak of those trends.

It’s not a secret that e-commerce has a massive impact on the market and marketing trends. Customers nowadays becoming more informed and more lazy actually. As a result, today it’s way more hard to succeed in going door-to-door and sell something or just establishing a physical shop and trying to engage customers with outdoor advertising. Furthermore, after total inundation with tablet devices more customers prefer digital shopping experience rather than going to “old-school” physical shops. E-commerce part of a market is still growing with giant pace so the only way to retain your customers is to accept these terms and build your own e-commerce shop.

But here we may face another tricky thing - there is a wide range of various e-commerce platforms. Paid or free, less and more complicated, for big and small businesses etc. Today I want to talk about one of them which I like a lot and I’m sure that after reading this article you would like it too. I want to tell you about what Magento 2 can give you as “from the box” solution.

The first impression could be only made once, right? So when your customer comes to your online store his or her first impression must be very powerful and positive. To help you achieve this goal Magento 2 provides you simple and nice design from the box.

Magento 2 preview of default home page layout Mobile layout of Magento 2 default home page

Mobile layout of Magento 2 home page in default Luma theme Mobile layout of Magento 2 default home page

You may know that Google has recently changed their ranking rules: for websites that are not mobile friendly, Google would lower your site’s ranking in search results. Magento 2 cares about your popularity so in the new version responsive design is available from the box. Also, regarding user statistics, about 40% of users make purchase from mobile devices. Responsive design is the guarantee of pleasant buying experience whatever device your customers are browsing from!

Another great feature of Magento is multistore functionality. If you have a few different stores, Magento gives you a great possibility to keep all files in the same sandbox (same admin panel in this case). After setting up server and creating new root directory you can manage two or more different stores from the same backend. Domain name doesn’t matter - from the customer’s side there are two different stores, but you have one dashboard to drive all your businesses!

Here are the options that you get in Magento to manage your customers’ goal - product. Magento has the most common product types and I believe that they can cover any kind of product that exists today. Here they are:

  • Simple product - it’s just really simple product with no options like size, colors etc. Each simple product has it’s unique SKU. There is the way to add custom options to simple product.  If any option adds the price to your product, you can input additional cost for it and price on the checkout will be calculated automatically.
  • Configurable product - this is the product with some configurable options like size, color, you name it. Preview changes once customer chooses one or another option and it is an outstanding feature of configurable product. According to the values chosen user sees the final look of product. Configurable product consists of few simple products. Actually any combination of options is the simple product.

Custom options preview Magento 2 preview of default home page layout

Here they are. And on a picture below you can see how it sorted out in admin panel

magento orders page Magento 2 preview of default home page layout

Configurable product is just a list of simple products which are the combinations of options. Forget about inventory mess!

  • The next product type is about cross-sales - Grouped product. This is a set of standalone products that are grouped and sold like one product, however  with a special price for e.g.Bundled products are pretty similar to grouped products but customer can choose which products from the bundle he or she needs to buy and which not.
  • Virtual products  could be suitable for service companies. Customer can place an order for some service (house cleaning for e.g.) after that service provider can contact customer to complete the sale. Another case is for situations when you want to sell additional warranties for some of your products.
  • The last type is Downloadable product. It’s very important for companies which are selling software, music, videos, games and any other digital products. When customer buys something, after checkout user gets the link to download the product he bought.

I hope that now you know more about Magento 2 and you will find this platform helpful for your business. If not - just wait for the next articles where I’ll tell you about tools for product management and other awesome functions in Magento 2 admin panel.

You can also contact us to check out Magento 2 on our test server!

Stay tuned!

P.S. Feel free to contact us to get more info!

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