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Magento 2: Marketing Tools

Magento 2: Marketing Tools

Hi everyone!

Today I want to discuss marketing solutions that Magento 2 provides to you from the box. Some of them like bundled and grouped products, cross sell and upsells has been discussed in my previous articles but today I want to tell you about the most powerful marketing tools. To improve the visibility of your online store Magento provides awesome SEO abilities like meta tags, SEO-friendly canonical URLs for categories and products and many more. But SEO features in Magento 2 is too large topic so I think it could be discussed in other article. Let’s talk about Marketing page in admin panel of Magento. Here’s what we have in Marketing menu:

Let’s go into Catalog Price Rule:


Here we can set up different pricing rules like discounts, special prices etc. You can easily edit them and set up the time periods for different rules.

Also at Marketing>Cart Price Rules we can input coupon codes and set up the rules of pricing if some product sets are present in the cart.

The other helpful option is the mass emailing templates. Let’s take a closer look at Marketing>Email Templates:

Here we have very handy input form where we can set up styles, input text of template and subject. So you will handle everything that your customers will receive from you. Magento 2 gives you an ability to make perfect impression from shopping at your store!

In the same way you can set up the templates for newsletter. Recipients of the newsletter can subscribe on it and you would be able to manage the list of subscribers and queue at Marketing>Newsletter subscribers and Marketing>Newsletter Queue.

One of default features of Magento is the Reviews of your products. You can also manage them, approve them or not. So if you have angry competitors who want to cause some troubles for you there are no big deal to filter them.


Every marketer knows how gathering of statistics is important. If you choose Magento 2 you will have the most full list of different reports like popular searches, abandoned carts, orders, most popular goods etc.

You may check it out below:


And here’s an example of report which you can export in CSV or XML format for processing and making your shop more comfortable for your customers.


Together with products types and these features promotion of your online store and products in particular is now easy as never! So if you need to make your retail or wholesale business popular and profitable - Magento is your choice!

If you need any additional info about these or any other Magento 2 features - feel free to contact any of our team to check out Magento on our server.


To be continued - stay tuned!

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