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Adding Shopping Quiz to e-Commerce Website Increases Sales for 22%: TechCrunch Says

Did you have any chance to review article on TechCrunch regarding adding quiz to your e-commerce website. It's amazing, they found out that adding quiz will increase your sales up to 22%.

This corresponds to the idea that each time when you make Sales you should be ready to educate your clients regarding your product and services.

Client knows nothing about who you are and what you do, and what characteristics your products have. Quiz can be a very nice interactive form to find out your customer needs. ​Also quiz gives you that feel similar to mobile expertise, where we have magic touch to choose between options provided. User is choosing from images not from drop-down menu or from filter where options listed can be unclear. User chooses what he see and it is sold. ​ ​

I​n my perception​,​ this is really great for long product listing for large ecommerce websites where a lot of clothes listed and one can merely find what is needed.

And it really does not matter if you are selling T-shirts or new hardware, you can sell it in a more client-oriented manner. You show quiz with choices and name each product and explain the difference when needed and it make things clear. ​

  • Bright colors vs. soft colors
  • Men vs. Women​ clothes ​
  • Leather vs. imitation leather​ ​
  • Luxury vs. Casual ​

​The more I think about it now the more ​I​ realize that it is really great idea to think over the concept of adding quiz (and it is even not necessarily to add this as a product advertised on TechCrunch) it can be also custom quiz designed for your website and for your product list.

​Describing what we do, we deliver e-commerce on Magento, Wordpress and Drupal and this is something that is definitely interesting to discuss with our customers. Whatever you sell, you can always help you customer to find best way to find what they are looking for.

For example, if customer has a long list of products, and drop down menu and filtering options are not very clear, there is an option to design a quiz that asks questions like “day dress or cocktail dress,” “sleeveless or sleeves", “Black color vs white color".

Also such quiz make you feel just like on smartphones when you choose options from menu based on visual options, just by touch.

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