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FaFa Club - Drupal-based Back-End for mobile application

FaFa Club - main screen of mobile application. Development of RESTful API on Drupal

Fa-Fa Club is a service implemented for consolidation of information about car using and maintaining, as well as it provides an opportunity to purchase and take out insurance products, order services, register for maintenance, display fuel prices and more. Besides website, these functionalities are available in mobile application, that is presented here.


Our development team has developed back-end part that is based on Drupal 7. We’ve created REST API by using Services contributed Drupal module that is used by mobile applications for retrieving data from database. Another development task that our development team has solved in this project was development protected area for Content Managers who adds content into site and mobile application. Additionally we developed user’s work rooms for Operators who manage requests on buying car insurance policies. Functionality of user’s areas was implemented by Views, Entity API, Entity Construction Kit (ECK) contributed modules and by our custom Drupal modules.


  • PHP (Drupal 7 CMS)

  • Databases: MySQL

  • OS/Hosting: Linux-based hosting

  • Images and Files storage: Handles internally by Drupal

  • Modules that implements RESTful API: Services, Entity API, Views, Entity Construction Kit (ECK);

  • JavaScript library: jQuery

  • Project Management: Redmine

  • Revision Control System: Git


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