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Gear2Game - Shop for Gamers on Magento eCommerce platform

Gear2Game is an online shop that is focused on selling computer parts and accessories for gamers and computer modding. Webshop offers a wide range of products for modding and upgrade.

Business situation

This online store was initially developed on Magento 1 platform. We got request on migration shop from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Additional tasks that our dev team had to solve were development new modules for import product feeds from various of vendors, suggest and implementing an optimal servers infrastructure that will provide good performance of a large database.


We performed tech review for customer business needs and requirements and we offered to use Magento Data Migration Tool for migrating info about products, orders, customers from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Using of Migration Tool allowed us to move all important info about customers and their orders, products in short period of time

For front-end part we suggested to use popular ready-made theme Porto as an optimal solution for online stores on Magento with a big inventory.

Most challenging part of this project was development of new modules for import product feeds from different vendors. We decided to use default import module that Magento provides out of the box. Each vendor has own format of products feed. Some of them provide access to FTP server, some of them give link to download the archive with the feed. To use the default Magento module for import, we should to collect information from different sources and convert this information into one common format. We solved it by creating own module that allows to add each vendor as a plugin that describes rules of getting products feed and its transformation to format that Magento import module expect.

Online store with inventory like Gear2Game require powerful server hardware and configuration of cache systems for getting appropriate page response time. We have followed to recommendations that Magento team provide in official documentation and got really good results - page load time less than 500ms! We use Nginx as web-server, PHP-FPM for handling PHP scripts, Redis as internal Magento cache system and Varnish as full page cache system.

Set up a project team of 5 people assuming the following roles:

  • Project Manager;

  • 2 Magento Developers;

  • System Administrator / DevOps;

  • Front-end Developer.


  • PHP (Magento 2)

  • Databases: MySQL

  • Frameworks: ZendFramework, Magento 2

  • OS/Hosting: Linux-based hosting

  • Images and Files storage: local storage on server

  • PayPal Pro, Yotpo, MailChilmp, Facebook Ads, Klevu Search

  • Project Management: Redmine

  • Revision Control System: Git


Gear2Game online shop was successfully migrated to Magento 2 platform by the Wise dev team. Using of Magento 2 platform with a combination of a modern stack of server components and right configuration of them gave better shop performance, better user experience and gives more cheap the long term support of the project.


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