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Hattson - Drupal based brand site for headgear manufacturer

HATTSON is the leading brand of men’s and women’s headgear in Ukraine selling headgear for 5 years. The project goal was to develop a corporate website for a fashion exhibition to promote Hattson brand and products in Europe.

Business situation

HATTSON made a decision to create modern storefront for their website, including new product catalog, responsive design. We are proud to deliver new Hattsonwear website. Website has been released with rich media Home and Products’ pages (with video podcasts integrated).

Target audience has an opportunity to know more about women's brand “HATTSON”,  Hattson models, to check for more details regarding high quality materials and order any product from the catalog.

New website represents brand to new auditory online.


We’ve suggested Drupal as platform for this project,

on the reason that Drupal provides more powerful tools for content management. At the same time Drupal Commerce provides all required components for building fully-functional online store.

The main challenge presented with the project was developing a useful, quite understandable and attractive  website on Drupal 7, where every user can find all necessary information about Hattson products, the second goal was getting customer engagement and retention and having new customers via their network.

One of the serious challenges was Admin area configuration for website site editor allowing website owner  to edit website content easily.  Drupal provided us with all required tools for easy development to use editor’s interface.
Firstly, Wise created simple and stylish design according to client preferences.
After having design approved Wise had developed website with the following features:

  • Photo and video galleries with interactive pop-up lines as navigators there. Rich media content is a key feature of this project, it was implemented via Masonry JavaScript library. This library allows to create eye-catching pages with grids that display in tale both images and video.  There was a contributed module on allowing to configure settings of Masonry library in admin area of site.;

  • The choice of color for every model in collections. Pallet is featured with the view of knitted structure  (Custom product configuration);

  • E-commerce functionality is also delivered in this project (via Drupal Commerce) but not activated for now. It  will be available  in the next iteration, now this functionality is used to display models in collections. Drupal Commerce provides functionality that allows to show different colours in that available model. From admin side using Drupal Commerce allows to manage the models easily i.e. to add new variants, to upload images. Each variant with colour has separated SKU in database so it allows to setup shopping cart with minimal efforts in future.

  • Blog, where all the important events upcoming (exhibition, new collection releases, new dealer contacts etc) will be displayed.

  • GoogleMap feature, where it is possible to get the accurate GEO location point on the map by selection of the country/ state/ city.

Set up a project team of 4 people assuming the following roles:

  • Project Manager

  • UI/UX designer

  • PHP/Drupal developer

  • Front-End Developer


  • PHP (Drupal 7 CMS)

  • Databases: MySQL

  • OS/Hosting: Linux-based hosting

  • Images and Files storage: Handles internally by Drupal

  • E-Commerce framework: Drupal Commerce

  • Modules for manage page layouts: Panels, Page Manager, Views, ColorBox;

  • JavaScript library: Masonry

  • Project Management: Redmine

  • Revision Control System: Git


Our client has received the fully responsive and compatible site with PC and most popular mobile devices.

A brand new design along with comprehensive functionality helped to increase conversion rate and website became an essential part of HATTSON marketing and sales system.


Additional Materials
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6 MB limit.
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