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Magento 2: Marketing Tools

Hi everyone! Today I want to discuss marketing solutions that Magento 2 provides to you from the box. Some of them like bundled and grouped products, cross sell and upsells has been discussed in my previous articles but today I want to tell you about the most powerful marketing tools.

Drupal Camp Kyiv 2016

Hi everyone! This Saturday we enjoyed participating Drupal Camp Kyiv 2016! It was really awesome and full of joy event. Four streams, 32 lectures about Drupal 8, soft skills, team management and many other. We gained massive volume of knowledge and fresh insights.

Why Drupal?

I saw video by Thad Martin from Acquia regarding selling Drupal. It's amazing. I love it. this is probably the best video explaining Why Drupal. He has shared an awesome analogy that Drupal is like a Lego, and Drupal developer can deliver almost anything using Drupal, if having proper approach. And drag-n-drop option to move blocks on the page that is available from Drupal 8 makes it even more similar to Lego. Drop in and create your online Universe with Drupal using best practices of assembling web experience. There is an amazing long list of domains and long list of website types that could be delivered on Drupal.

Magento 2: What Is Available From The Box

Hi everyone! Today I want to discuss with you one very important thing on modern market. Influence of this thing is crucial nowadays for both B2B and B2C markets. I want to talk a little about e-commerce, about its trends and effective solution to be on the peak of those trends.

3 Reasons to Use Magento 2 and Brief Magento Templates Review

We've prepared a review of ready-made themes for Magento 2 eCommerce platform. Magento 2 was released on November, 2015 and by now one of the most frequent questions that we get from our Clients - Can we use a ready-set template? Now we are ready to answer - Yes. It's time to upgrade your Magento store to the newest version or move from other CMS to the top-notch eCommerce platform.

Migration To Drupal8: Main Aspects

Recently we have got a couple of requests for Drupal migration. One of our clients applied module Migrate for his multilingual website and it appeared that translations were created as new nodes, not connected to the original text. We started to investigate his approach and we found out that migration requires special approach in case if your Drupal website has a lot of custom code applied.

Magento 2: Product Management

If you still remember recently I promised to tell you about product management in Magento 2. So straight to the point! First of all to manage the products you need to add them. Magento 2 gives you an ability to upload products manually or you can import them from CSV/XML format. You can perform this by going to System Import. Here we need to select entity types to be imported(products in our case) and then set up import behaviour. Please note that from default not all product types can be imported. But this can be improved by installing some 3-rd party modules.

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